Fairtrade Schools in Prestwick

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Kingcase Primary School

Kingcase Primary was awarded its Fairtrade School status in October 2013. Well done, a tremendous achievement and the first in Prestwick! The school regularly runs Faritrade activities to raise awareness of Fairtrade and has a hard working team of enthusiastic supporters consisting of pupils from different classes led by class teachers Mrs Beverliann King and Miss Gillian MacKay (both are serving members of the Prestwick Town Fairtrade Group), and Miss Katie McKay.

Glenburn Primary School

Glenburn Primary has also been involved in raising awareness of Fairtrade and have undertaken a range of activities.

St. Ninians School

St. Ninians School are on the Fairtrade school status journey!


Everything you need to know about becoming a Fairtrade school can be found at the Fairtrade Foundation Schools website